mercredi 9 octobre 2013

The Police - Synchronicity II

Bono of U2 on the Late Show with David Letterman (September 26, 2013) (F...

U2 - Pride + City Of Blinding Lights Live Obama Concert Washington [HD -...

How dream becomes reality when held up by visionary artists !!! Thanks to U2 !!! From a little frenchy or froggy if you wish who descend from scots who immigrated to America and espacially from one Lockhart who had to get shelter in France to marry a Catholic Lady in the 19th century !!! History can be blind sometimes !!! john Bartist Lockhart Michaut - jblm 9/10/2013

lundi 7 octobre 2013

L'humour royaliste chez dechavanne TV

Salut Vicky de Saint Hermine de la tendre émeute et ravi de t'avoir rencontré ce dimanche après-midi place des Abbesses à Montmartre commune libre où je chantais et jouais de la guitare avec L'incroyable Didier Engel-Vee et d'avoir devisé poétiquement avec toi sur le royaume des citoyens émancipés de la tyrannie de la connerie pour qu'advienne l'anarchie post utopique !!! See you next time on the mike !!! Merci - jbtrendy - 7/10/13

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication (Full Album)

Let's Red it Hot !!!

Behind The Scenes - Fun Times with Robin and Paula at Rémy Martin's Stai...

Fair enough for you the french touch with your best ambassador !!! 

Robin Thicke rien que cela !!! 

Not too shaby as they use to say in L.A last a centery ago !!! 

Great performing art scenery !!! 

jbtrendy 7/10/13

vendredi 4 octobre 2013

Pink Floyd - Live at Pompeii - Directors Cut - Full Length! - 720p HD

We'll be together again !!!

A song produced by jbtrendy in 2001 in England with Jake Wilson. From an original theme by jake on keyboards. I pick up the bass and start to sing. The song is there. He starts programming the drums and keys, with the guitar I find right away the perfect gimmick. Jake finishes the programming over night while I'm writing the lyrics. Next day after work with the basic stereo track at home on an 8 tracks digital studio I play a bass, record a voice and add a guitar. I mix it, save it on mini CD and there it's in the box. Magical times !!! jblm 6.09.2013 - / intolabel

A film by John-Bartist Trendy with Nelly Duboc speaking on the phone with Didi and photos featuring Mylène Farmer who inspired this song, Costumade Lena, Paolo S Campanella, Delphine Terlizzi, Thomas Ader, Didier Engel Vee, JbTrendy, Raoul Moussay, Olivia Zeltner, Mister Pif, La Clinique des Arts & La Clinique des Arts Bis, Tim Lazer and a painting on Syria by Kapilo + Guests !!! This song is aired on TF1 in a program called "4 mariages pour une lune de Miel" !!! / Intolabel 2013