vendredi 4 octobre 2013

We'll be together again !!!

A song produced by jbtrendy in 2001 in England with Jake Wilson. From an original theme by jake on keyboards. I pick up the bass and start to sing. The song is there. He starts programming the drums and keys, with the guitar I find right away the perfect gimmick. Jake finishes the programming over night while I'm writing the lyrics. Next day after work with the basic stereo track at home on an 8 tracks digital studio I play a bass, record a voice and add a guitar. I mix it, save it on mini CD and there it's in the box. Magical times !!! jblm 6.09.2013 - / intolabel

A film by John-Bartist Trendy with Nelly Duboc speaking on the phone with Didi and photos featuring Mylène Farmer who inspired this song, Costumade Lena, Paolo S Campanella, Delphine Terlizzi, Thomas Ader, Didier Engel Vee, JbTrendy, Raoul Moussay, Olivia Zeltner, Mister Pif, La Clinique des Arts & La Clinique des Arts Bis, Tim Lazer and a painting on Syria by Kapilo + Guests !!! This song is aired on TF1 in a program called "4 mariages pour une lune de Miel" !!! / Intolabel 2013